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To provide you the complete service in speciality doors we currently have two qualified certifiers, which are BSA licensed to inspect and certify all forms of fire doors. Please contact our Door Shop to speak with one of our qualified certifiers to arrange a quote. We travel regionally so there isn’t an area that we don’t give you the complete service. We also have a range of fire resistant doors that will suit all forms of buildings.

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New Apprentice Scheme Offers Support

Building and construction apprentices are being sought to participate in a unique mentoring program that will help them complete their apprenticeships.

Master Builders Director of Construction Policy, John Crittall, said the Construction Apprenticeship Mentoring Scheme (CAMS) had so far attracted 20 skilled mentors across Queensland and is now seeking apprentices to benefit from their experience and skills.

"These mentors are from within the industry and are experienced in dealing with many of the challenges young apprentices face each day" Mr Crittall said.

"Each apprentice who registers with the CAMS is assigned a mentor who will provide one-on-one guidance over a year, with the option to continue if the apprentice feels it is necessary." 

"Mentors assist the apprentice by providing support, helping them develop career goals, offering help in developing networks and referring them to relevant support services where needed." 

"The scheme also aids in identifying pathways and opportunities for apprentices once their training contract is complete."

The CAMS came about in response to statistics that showed that around 50% of apprentices cancelled their apprenticeship within the first two years.

It is a federally funded initiative supported by the Commonwealth Government through the Apprenticeship Mentoring Scheme.

Mentors currently participating in the CAMS include existing builders and contractors, retired builders, trade teachers and other industry leaders.

Master Builders is now taking applications for both volunteer mentors and apprentices to participate in the CAMS program.  For more information, call (07) 3225 6407 or email email/apprentices)(