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Cooktown Hardware:

48 Charlotte St. Q 4895
Phone:  4043 0400   Fax:  4069 5843
Email:  email/cooktownhardware)(
Manager:  Jeanene Vicars

Cooktown Hardware are the most Northern Hardware Store on the Australian East Coast and the closest to the Great Barrier Reef, we cater for all tradesmen, the DIYer, Farmers & Travellers alike, Cooktown Hardware supply all the popular hardware and paint lines our parent company Cairns Hardware, sell to the south of us, as well as Pesticides, Herbicides, Irrigation Supplies, Outdoor Power Equipment, Stock and Pet feeds, for the men & women on the land. For those who want to get further away from it all we also supply Camping Gear, LPG Gas, Ice Boxes, Engel fridges & Tents, in fact if you need it! We will get it for you! Next time you are in town call in and see Rick, Hazel and the Team and we will Endeavour to Cook up a deal for you.

Trading Hours:

Monday 7am-5:30pm
Tuesday 7am-5:30pm
Thursday 7am-5:30pm
Friday 7am-5:30pm
Saturday 8am-3pm
Sunday 9am-1pm